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UPDATE: NTC ’40 Ford Pickup

Thought we’d post an update on our shop project, a 1940 Ford Pickup, since it’s been awhile. If you missed the first post, make sure to check it out here so you can see some “before” pics.

As we discovered after blasting, this cab was going to need some attention, so we set to work on hand fabricating some patch panels.

First the header panel…

Forming the individual panel sections:


Forming the edge pieces:

Then joining it all together for a solid panel:

And the final fit:

Next on to the cab corners…

Then on to the edges and pans…

And finally, we procured the 1952 8BA flat head engine we were looking for, which will join up with a T5 transmission, so those will be projects on their own…

Hope to bring you more progress on the North Texas Customs hot rod as time allows.

See Update #2 here! And visit our 1940 Ford Pickup photo gallery to see all of the build pics for this project.


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