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Let us help you tackle your dream, whether it’s a show stealer or a daily driver. Quality, fairness, and attention to detail, guaranteed.

North Texas Customs was founded in Wylie, TX in 2005, by Tyler Pryor. Having spent over a decade in the collision industry at that point, Tyler sought higher end projects with more artistry in the process and began to pursue metal shaping and custom fabrication work on classic cars. As his expertise in this niche grew, as well as his resources and reputation, the shop took on more extensive jobs and ultimately became known for full frame-off automotive restoration. Today, still family owned and operated, North Texas Customs serves hot rod, classic car, muscle car, and restoration enthusiasts across North Texas as well as many other states.

Our 14,000 sq.ft. shop offers a full range of in-house services including complete frame-off restos, custom rods, media blasting, award-winning paint and body, metal fabrication, chassis mods, mechanical work, and more, with a focus on 1920’s-1970’s models. Our departmentalized floor plan allows for a smooth, organized work flow that keeps your car moving so you can get back on the road where you want to be.

We enjoy being able to combine the lines and looks of yesteryear with modern conveniences and safety at the forefront. Whether you’re a hands-on hobbyist needing assistance with a specific task or are looking for a full turn-key build, let us apply our expertise to your project and make your dream car a reality.

Customer Feedback

I had been working on restoring my dad's 1965 Mustang for about 4 years at three different DFW shops before finding North Texas Customs. I wish had found them sooner. The owner and I spoke at length and he came to my home to take a look at the car before we ever towed it to the shop and was open and understanding to my ideas for the finished project and my budget. The car spent a little over three…read more

Paul B.

North Texas Customs turned my 1952 Chevrolet Pickup into the most incredible, beautiful, functional, durable and worthy masterpiece I've ever seen, no less owned. I've been cruising around for 3 weeks now, and everywhere I go, time slows down and people stop to see my truck. Everyone is in awe, including me, and it's interesting to hear the stories, but the best story is this custom classic as it is! Sure, people like things their way, or just the way…read more

Mike C.

This is a quality oriented group of professionals. North Texas Customs did a complete frame off restoration for my 67 Camaro. I was more than pleased with their dedication to proper restoration techniques and knowledge of the characteristics associated with my car. I very highly recommend them to anyone who has a serious commitment to having their restoration done properly and expertly.

Mickey S.

Beautiful work! North Texas Customs did a hell of a job on my 52 Chevy Styleline. I knew I was in good hands bringing it to them. A+ work. If anyone in DFW needs some work done, go see Tyler. I can't thank you and your crew enough.

Marco H.

A 31 Model A that had been blasted at North Texas Customs was one of the best blast jobs I have had the pleasure of working on. There was not one spot missed on that car. I have had customers bring me cars from other places, and they weren't near as clean as this was. What ever NTX Customs charges, it is worth every penny. Sure saved me a lot of work! North Texas Customs, the ONLY place to get blasted!

Tim Y.

NTX Customs blasted and primed my A Sedan Body (brought down from Oklahoma). They did a great job and had it at the shop for only a week. The guys were great and the shop was very busy, lot of work going on. Thanks for taking care of me!

Don J.

I have North Texas Customs doing complete custom wiring and plumbing on a 67 GT500 of mine right now. I've been impressed with the quality of the product they are turning out there. Shop seems busy but, the good ones always do.

Jim P.

For those in need of media blasting of your tender street rod sheetmetal, North Texas Customs is the place to go. I had them do some blasting/priming work for my 40 Ford and found their service and work to be outstanding. The DFW area is lucky to have them. I wish we had them in NE Oklahoma.

V. T.
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