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Patches & Panels

We go as in depth as you can get when it comes to panel repair and replacement; the integrity of a car’s structure is crucial to safety, and proper patching and installation are crucial for accurate fitment and gaps.

Whether your project requires a small patch or a complete re-skinning, we can handle any welding and fabrication challenge. With expertise on all types of makes and models, we make sure the bones of your car are solid and correct; we use a frame jig and steel bracing to ensure accurate placement and eliminate any twisting or warping. Inspect our welding work and you will notice clean welds, smooth transitions, and what it looks like to do things the right way. A strong foundation will set the stage for a strong finish.

We can repair and replace:

Floor pans and braces
Trunk pans
Quarter panels
Cowl panels
Inner and outer rockers
…and all other areas susceptible to rust and rot

Need chassis or sheet metal parts? We are an authorized dealer for:

Dynacorn™ International, Inc. (DII) – classic and muscle car sheet metal, bright trim, and molding
Jim Weimer (JW) Rod Garage – engineered chassis, steering, brake, suspension and rear end components
LMC Truck (Long Motor Corporation) – original, repro, and performance parts, accessories, and trim for Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Dodge trucks, SUV’s and vans
AMD (Auto Metal Direct) – MOPAR sheet metal panels and parts

Restore the integrity of your ride!

Whether you need minor patchwork or major rust repair, call 972-442-9793 or contact us online to discuss what we can do to get your project in solid shape.

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  1. i also need pricing to remove a dash pad so i can send it to justdashes to be recovered. It would need to be reinstalled once recovered.

    1. Not a problem; if we can take a look at the car, we can assess the time needed for removal. Give us a call at your convenience; we look forward to speaking with you.

  2. I have a 1993 caprice classic it has a red candy paint top and the rest of the car is pearl white I was wondering what the prices would b for you to do the inside the same colors

    1. Hi Blake, thanks for your inquiry. We typically don’t paint over existing paint, and it would be hard to remove the current interior paint (assuming it is painted now) without touching the exterior paint. However if there is a way for you to bring the car by, we can inspect it to see what you are working with and take it from there. Please give us a call to set up a time or if you have any questions.

    1. Hi Juan, it would have to depend on the condition of your truck now, the labor required based on inspection, as well as parts and materials needed. Seeing as how we mainly work on 1973 and older vehicles, you may be best going with a customs shop that focuses more on late-model customs. However you are welcome to give us a call or stop by anytime.

  3. Jeremy, thanks for your comment. We have a 65 Fastback in the shop now that we are just finishing up. We’ve sent you an email and look forward to speaking with you further about your 67. Thanks!

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