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First-Gen Camaro Debut in Blue

This 1967 Camaro RS arrived in need of some serious rehab, but we were up to the task to bring her back to better than new. To kill the rust and determine a repair game plan, we started off with a full media blast and epoxy coat. Next came a metal makeover, including complete roof skin, new quarter panels, cowl and tulip panels, wheel tubs, trunk pan and more. With structure and sheet metal intact, it was on to bodywork to refine her for a sleek new finish. Color is always an exciting point in a build, and this one did not disappoint when we laid down a unique 1972 Corvette Targa Blue Metallic and buffed it out to a deep glassy shine.

Moving into hang-up and assembly, we overhauled the wiring and installed a revitalized 350 small block (bored 30 over, with a new crank, 270 Duration Cams, Iron Eagle heads, and Hooker ceramic headers), Holley 650 Double Pumper carb, and Flowmaster exhaust. To add some modern comforts, we upgraded the drivetrain and suspension, including a front end rebuild, KYB shocks, power steering, and disc brake conversion. Finally we finished out with sound deadening insulation, a cool new Vintage A/C, Ralley Sport trim package, and a parchment white interior.

Now this resto-modded blue beauty is ready to roam the roads with old school style enhanced by contemporary components! For larger pics, click here to visit our photo gallery.

Thanks to Firewheel Classics for their extensive parts selection and Magee’s Car Care for upholstery work.

Photo Gallery Updates

We’ve been updating the North Texas Customs photo gallery with tons of classic, muscle car and hot rod project pics from the past year. If you haven’t visited recently, check it out and see what we’ve been up to! Lots of fabrication work to see, and some pretty nice paint colors along the way. We add to this section regularly so stop by every so often and you’ll see something new.

Also, we just added a new video gallery that we plan on expanding as time allows, so look for updates there as well!

Got any questions about the work you see or ready to see your project in the gallery? Contact us online or call 972-442-9793 and we’ll be happy to talk.

’69 Back to Factory Line: Road Runner Resto

A treat for the MOPAR fans: we recently finished out a full restoration on this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. Named Motor Trend “Car of the Year” for that year, she came off the factory line, shipped straight to Dallas and sold in a Dallas dealership. The car cruised the city all its life when its second local owner (who still has the bolt-on dealer plaque) decided it was time to make her shine again.

After stripping it down to bare steel, we added a little metal and body work TLC, then took everything completely back to stock including the iconic (and recently resurrected!) B5 Blue Fire Metallic paint, white interior, rebuilt 383 engine and tranny; sans A/C or power steering for a truly original feel. Now many more days of running the Dallas roads lie ahead for this mean machine.

Candy Coated Chevelle

We had our work cut out for us to restore this 1969 Chevelle – or should we say, we cut it out ourselves. The back half was completely rotted and had to be scrapped, frame rails and all. After stripping what was no good, we welded in new cross members, rails, trunk pan, full floor pan, quarter panels and wheel tubs. Some grinding and a little bodywork later, she was ready for color.

On a typical paint job, all panels are hung and gapped, then removed from the car before painting and sprayed separately from the body. However, this Chevelle was getting treated to a custom candy application, so we removed them, cut in all jambs, then re-hung and gapped them out in order to allow the painter to build the candy up uniformly across the whole surface of the car.

Using House of Kolor products, we sprayed a Shimrin Metallic Solar Gold base, followed by Kandy Apple Red, and finished out with PPG High Solids clear coat to give it a nice, deep shine. Once color sanding and buffing was done, she was begging to see the sun, and we were happy to oblige. This one may turn a few heads when cruising season rolls around.

And some step-by-step videos as we laid down the paint:

Postwar Mopar Revival: 1947 Dodge

Marketed as the “smoothest car afloat,” the 1947 Dodge D24 Custom boasted power, speed, low maintenance and a spacious interior. With those features in mind, we set out to transform this fatigued stone beige sedan into a sleek black powerhouse and get her back in the game. Highlights of this model include an interestingly modern push-button start, a smooth, reliable flathead 6 engine, and Chrysler’s innovative Fluid Drive transmission, embellished with suicide doors and a dramatic butterfly hood. All rebuilt components and a new two-stage coat were just what was needed to put the spirit back in this car.

With the high demand following WWII, the popular D24 cost about $1500 new in 1947. While you may never find that on a sticker again, driving a vehicle like this makes a classic style statement today that’s definitely priceless.

Unearthing the ’68 Green Machine

At long last, we have posted photos of our recently completed 1968 Camaro restoration. This was a special project presented as a gift to the owner by his family, and we thoroughly enjoyed working on it. It’s not often you get the opportunity to turn back time for someone; he was delighted to see her looking better than the day he bought her new, 41 years ago.

We gave this gave this car a complete overhaul but remained true to the original details, from the color to the 230 inline six. We did up the ante on the paint job, converting the original single stage Rally Green to the matching modern two stage, a PPG Fender guitar color called Eric Clapton Candy Green. The interior got fresh but genuine Ivy Gold upholstery and trim, and the engine was reconditioned and stroked to 250, a rare build which ads to the museum quality of this project.

Please enjoy the snapshot of history we worked hard to capture – having customers like these definitely makes our work gratifying.

Nostalgia Lives in a ’56 Pontiac

Honoring childhood memories of his family car, the owner of this 1956 Pontiac Catalina came to us to help bring it back to life. To meet his request for true authenticity, we used only original and new old stock (NOS) parts, fabricating any pieces that were not available.

This car got the full treatment: a frame-off restoration complete to stock, including media blasting down to bare steel, a rarely rebuilt 316 V-8 engine and Jetaway/Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, a large assortment of new and re-chromed trim, hand-fabricated floors, and an interior hand-stitched from original factory stock material tracked down for the project. We finished out with a classy two-tone Terragon Green and cool white paint scheme.

Seldom seen in common restorations, this model’s a definite head-turner and is sure to make many reminisce when she cruises by.

For larger pics please check our Photo Gallery.

Special thanks to Dee’s Trim and North Texas Quality Chrome.

Holiday Madness: 3 Cars in 3 Weeks

While we have been hard at work on the “Christmas” Camaro, we’ve also had our hands full with two other complete restorations with an even tighter deadline – Thanksgiving! As we wrap up work on a ’56 Pontiac Catalina today and a ’47 Dodge early next week, we will be posting pics soon! Then a few days later, final shots on the ’68 Camaro. But we are definitely giving thanks for the business and can always sleep later ;)

More to come soon…

57 Bel Air Resto Finish Out

This ’57 Chevy went from shabby to sleek with the full treatment: a frame-off restoration including floor pans, trunk pans, inner and outer rockers, fender patches, quarter panels and a hand-crafted firewall to accommodate a 350 block. Topped off with a shiny Tweety Yellow coat, she’s ready for summer.

Tom’s 69 Camaro ZL1 COPO Tribute

We came to the rescue on this 69 Camaro when it came in with a less-than-stellar previous resto attempt. Tom had high expectations on his second go-round and we worked hard to deliver. Using our PPG mixing system we were able to rectify a missed color match and really make the true blue poly shine. Every square inch was re-blocked to show-quality perfection. We were happy to see the kick in his step when Tom came to take her home at last. Thanks once again to Firewheel Classics, the only Camaro parts source, and Rich’s Performance Muffler for a beautiful mandrel-formed new exhaust.

*UPDATE: Winner of awards at the 2009 Dallas Autorama, 2009 Super Chevy Show and more! She will be showing all season so we will keep you posted.*

Best Overall Street Outstanding in Class 1969 Camaro entry plaque

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