Pullmax Stamping a Bed Floor

Here we are running a bed floor for a 1951 Studebaker on our Pullmax. We created 1" thick dies that form two beads with each pass. Multiple passes are made until the desired depth is reached. This is 16ga steel.

Fab Department Walkthrough

A walkthough of our 6,000 sq ft dedicated fabrication facility. In this area we perform custom fabrication, sheet metal repair, welding, panel installation, chopping, and related metal work. Projects featured in this video include a 1919 C-Cab, 1930 Model A, 1931 Studebaker, 1939 Chevy coupe, 1940 Ford pickup, 1951 F1 pickup, 1955 Suburban, 1959 Fiat 600 Multipla,1966 Porsche, and a 1967 Pontiac GTO.

HOK Pagan Gold Candy

Laying down House of Kolor's Pagan Gold candy on a 1940 Ford pickup hood.

'57 V12 Fire Truck Engine into a '31 Studebaker

Here we put a 1957 LaFrance V12 fire truck engine into a 1931 Studebaker. We extended the frame by 10" to accommodate the engine length and will fabricate a one-off removable hood and louvered side panels.

Control of Lead

Lead work is time consuming, but so worth it! Here we are building up some lead on a 1919 C-cab cowl panel. The fresh air louver has been filled and lead is used to smooth it out. No bondo here. This is a small clip of a series we plan to put out on lead application.

Laying down Slicksand on a '31 Studebaker

Just a quick vid of Evercoat's Slicksand being applied on a '31 Studebaker. Shell has been blasted, metal worked, epoxied, and blocked with Evercoat's Z-grip. The shell was then coated again with epoxy before 3 coats of slicksand was applied.

Media Blasting a 1940 Ford

Media blasting parts for a 1940 Ford. Blasting is the best way to remove paint, rust and rot from your project car or truck to assess your welding and fabrication needs and give you a clean slate for bodywork. As a dedicated resto/rod shop, we do all our blasting in house and know how to treat your metal; we also blast for many well-known shops in the area who trust our automotive expertise with their customers' cars.

'65 Fastback Mustang Undercoat

Here we describe U-POL RAPTOR Liner applied as an undercoat on a 1965 Fastback Mustang restoration project in the shop, after metal work has been completed. This is a tintable liner that dries quickly and provides UV protection as well as acting as a rock guard and sound dampener.

Candy Red Chevelle pt1

Gearing up for a Candy Apple Red paint job on this 1969 Chevelle by watering down the floor, installing fresh filters, and attaching a chain from the car to the ground to minimize static electricity. First of a series of five videos, here we run down what we will be doing to get the coating process started.

Candy Red Chevelle pt2

In video 2 of 5 on painting a 1969 Chevelle in House of Kolor Candy Apple Red, here we are de-nibbing after the first few coats of Solar Gold Shimrin Metallic base to remove any trash or imperfections. We will then finish coating to obtain an even, uniform coat.

Candy Red Chevelle pt3

Video 3 of 5: here we are laying down the remainder of the House of Kolor Solar Gold Shimrin Metallic base for a nice, even coat beneath the Candy Apple Red.

Candy Red Chevelle pt4

Video 4 of 5: applying the first coat of red. We will layer the coats until the desired color is achieved, which should take about 5 coats based on our test swatch. Check out the final video for clear coat being applied over the red to complete the job.

Candy Red Chevelle pt5

Video 5 of 5: all coats of Candy Apple Red have been applied. Here we are applying high solid clear, 3 coats, which will really make the color pop and show off the Solar Gold metallic base. See parts 1-4 of this video series for narrated stages leading up to this.

Media Blasting - Grits Coupe pt 1

Our in-house media blasting facility. Here we are blasting the "Grits Coupe," a 1931 Ford Model A hot rod. Part 1 of 2.

Media Blasting - Grits Coupe pt 2

Part 2 of 2, media blasting the "Grits Coupe," a 1931 Ford Model A hot rod, at our in-house blasting facility.

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