Media Blasting

It’s important to consider that your paint job is only as good as the surface preparation of the metal being painted. Media blasting is a fast, affordable and safe way completely strip paint, bondo, grime and most importantly, rust from your car in order to provide a clean palette for coating.

North Texas Customs has a streamlined media blasting process and the proper equipment to make stripping your car quick while keeping cost down. We are not an industrial blast house; as a complete resto/rod shop, we know how to treat your car’s panels. In fact, blasting a car first is the only way to warranty our paint jobs since we can be certain any underlying corrosion has been eliminated.

Media blasting offers:

COMPLETE rust removal
Paint stripping
Removal of body filler (i.e. Bondo)
Grease and foreign matter removal
No hazardous solvents or residue
Fine particle garnet media (not heavy coal slag or silica based sand)

Stop rust from progressing now!

Take the first step to getting your car back on the road. Call 972-442-9793 or contact us online today to schedule.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing us for your blast work:

Professional equipment, used in combination with our full understanding of automotive metal behavior, results in damage-free blasting
Auto twirlers allow us to get to every nook (small fee for hook up)
Our complete paint shop can apply any coating you want post-blast, including epoxy, enamel and powder coating
We’ve done hundreds of panel replacements from minor patch panels to major surgeries; this is the next logical step after blasting/coating
Competitive labor rate of $145/hr for blasting, with most unibody cars starting around 6 hours* (for full-framed cars, add 1-2 additional hours depending on frame complexity and wheel base) – no material fee added to total
Flexible scheduling and quick turnaround
Assistance with body panel, mechanical, suspension, trim & interior disassembly (at teardown labor rate), keeping rebuild plans in mind
Large scale capabilities to fit most any size project

*may vary depending on vehicle size, coatings and layers of paint present

We occasionally receive inquiries about soda blasting; we distance ourselves from soda due to the fact that it leaves a caustic residue that can cause problems in the paint down the road. While it may remove paint, primer and clean up light surface rust, soda WILL NOT REMOVE the heavy rust and plastic body filler present on most auto restoration projects, again leaving your car vulnerable to future paint problems. You don’t have to take our word for it: read the Southern Polyurethanes epoxy tech sheet where SPI warns explicitly against soda blasting under primer – remember, a problem in the first stage of your restoration can rear its ugly head later in terms of headache, time and money. Plastic, shells, and soda simply will not remove rust. Stick with media blasting and save yourself the worry.

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  1. Briana

    Hi I was wondering what the cost would be to media blast the frame of a 67 mustang torn down completely.? Also with and without having it painted in your shop? Thanks

    1. North Texas Customs

      Hi Briana, thank you for contacting us. We can give you a general idea on cost for the media blasting once we can ask you a few questions; a paint job has a lot of variables so that would require a little more discussion about what you are looking for as well as what is needed in terms of metal and body work. If you could please give us a call, we’d be happy to go over everything. Thanks!

  2. Tom Kirchner


    I have a 69 Camaro that is a roller without any of the sheet metal from firewall forward. Looking to get the car blasted so I can assess the rust situation. Depending on price, I might want to get the subframe also blasted.

    Please advise on an estimated price.

    1. North Texas Customs

      Hi Tom, thanks for your inquiry. We are happy to help; we’ve sent you an email and look forward to speaking with you at your convenience.

  3. Craig

    How much would media blasting the empty cab shell of a 66 F100 pickup run , everything that can be removed has been . No doors , fenders or bed , just the bare cab .

    1. North Texas Customs

      Hello Craig, thank you for your inquiry. We’ve sent you an email; please let us know when you are ready to come in and we are happy to help.

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