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Custom Fabrication

Metal work is our specialty. Whether you need simple patching, serious reconstruction, or would like to add some unique flair to your ride, we’ve got you covered.

North Texas Customs has the ability to fabricate just about any custom piece, from hard-to-find body panels to unique artistic accents that enhance the look of your project. We have even developed some of our own metal shaping tools and are ready for any sculpting challenge you have.

Just a few items we can fabricate:

Hand-formed sheet metal panels, including floor pans and braces, trunk pans, wheel tubs, firewalls, transmission tunnels, and rockers
Complete frames and chassis
Structural members
Mouldings and accent pieces
Custom grills
Rare or one-off pieces

Some of the custom mods we handle:

Chopping, or cutting the pillars, doors, and windows to reduce roofline height
Sectioning, or removing a horizontal section from the body to reduce height
Channelling, or dropping the body down to a lower position on the frame rails by altering the floor, to reduce height
Slamming, or lowering the vehicle close to the ground via chassis and suspension mods
Shaving/Nosing/Decking, i.e., removing outside handles and brightwork from the doors, hood, and/or trunk (deck lid) to create a smooth profile
Bobbing, or shortening the fenders, frame rails, hood or rear body portion
Filling/Molding, i.e., filling and/or reshaping body panels and seams with lead or body filler to create a smoother appearance
Frenching/Tunnelling, i.e., recessing headlights or taillights into the fender or deepening the mount of an accent like an antenna or license plate
Tubbing, or widening the rear wheel tubs to accommodate larger tires

Make your car a conversation piece.

Metal work is where your unique vehicle begins to take shape. Call 972-442-9793 or contact us online today to talk about what we can build for you.

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  1. I am looking to get quarters put on my 65 El Camino, the car is down to sheet metal and of the frame. I have the right quarter and the left just need a small patch or two. Can please email me a quote and time frame to get it to you.


    1. Hi Shawn, most new full quarters run 12hrs-16hrs each; old/used ones take more time because we have to separate the panels, straighten the edges, double cut, then weld, which will almost double the time after the quarter is welded on. Quarter patches are about 6-8hrs for most of the lower patches (it will depend on the placement and how large it is). Cost would depend on division of time among fabrication and welding, blasting, and lead work (if needed) labor rates, plus consumables. We’ve sent you an email with more details.

      We can get you in as early as next week (just after Christmas). Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule in. Thanks!

  2. I would like to use my gremlin for street/strip purposes, and the stock leaf springs and rear end aren’t going to cut it. About how much would it cost to fabricate, or adapt a 3 link system to my vehicle?

    1. Hi Jake, are you wanting to do a wishbone style like the mini-truckers like to use, or do you want to do a triangulated 4-link setup? If you’d like to give us a call to discuss further, we can go over details.

  3. I found a 1968 Corvette for sale here in Sherman. Besides a custom paint job it needs a whale tail and a touch up on the back end. It needs chrome heat guards for the side swipe mufflers. There was a tarp strapped over the roof and windows, so I am pretty sure the interior is not in the best shape. I also want to put a fender skirt around the Vette. Can you, or somebody you know, take a look at the car and give me an estimate on the work that needs to be done on this car? I’d like to take a pro with me and look it over before I hand over a few thousand in cash for a car that’s going to need several more thousand dollars to get its looks back.
    Rik Martinez

    1. Hi Rik, thanks for your interest in our shop. For a Corvette, you’d be best off going with a shop that specializes in fiberglass work. We’ve sent you an email with a couple of recommendations. Thanks and have fun with your project!

  4. Do you guys have much experience with roll cages? For a Road Racing application, in a BMW. Thanks alot, This is a really cool feature that you guys have here, being able to ask questions and get a response before actually needing to make a phone call. I bet this brings in alot of work from people that are just “Thinking about getting something done”

    Good luck in ’15

    1. Hi Blake, thank you! We do like to have some Q&A available to help people who might have similar project questions but aren’t necessarily ready to come in yet. In answer to your question, we don’t do tube bending in house, so for a roll cage you would probably be best off going with a shop geared toward either racing or off-roading. We don’t have a specific recommendation but there are a few in the metro area. Best of luck with your racing and please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.

    1. Hi Asa, we appreciate your inquiry. We’ve sent you an email with a general estimate for the chop which would include removing the inner wood, chopping the roof, fabbing patch panels as the roof is extended, chopping all garnishes, finishing out welds, and biscuit joining the wood for re-installation. Let us know if we can help. Thanks!

  5. I have a 05 Xj8 jaguar and would like a beautiful candy apple red. Not sure on the base either gold or silver. Can your business help.

    1. Hello Mr. Claiborne, thanks for your inquiry. As we specialize in hot rods and restorations, our process typically involves 1973 and older vehicles where we strip the car down to bare metal. This gives us a clean foundation to work on as well as quality control over the paint job. It’s likely deeper than you would want to go on a newer car, though. We recommend checking with a shop that handles late model customs as it would better suit your needs. However, please let us know if there’s anything we can help you with in the future!

  6. Hi, im looking to repaint and change the color of my 2008 Dodge Charger as well as upgrade my rear doors to suicide doors, im currently in Afghanistan and am just looking for a rough estimate of how much that would cost and if it could be done

    1. Hello and thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, since we specialize in vehicles 1972 or older, this is not something we would handle. However we have sent you an email with a referral for another local shop that may be able to help. We appreciate your service and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  7. im trying to repaint the part of my car and apply shaved door and suicide door kits and i was wondering could i make an appointment or something to get an estimate on how much it would cost?

    1. Mr. Miller, we appreciate your looking to our business for your project needs. We would be happy to help you with your car. Please give us a call at 972-442-9793 so we can go over some details and any questions you may have. At that point we can arrange the next step as well. Thanks!

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