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Get Spray-on Protection from Heat & Noise

Reduce heat entering your vehicle’s interior by 30ºF or more and get a quieter, more insulated driving experience!

North Texas Customs is an authorized dealer for LizardSkin® superior insulation and vibration / noise dampening. We use this product on our builds as it is more efficient and cost effective than sound deadening mats, easier to install, and durable protection for both your car’s interior and exterior.

At our shop, we can apply LizardSkin® to your car’s floor, roof, firewall, fenders, transmission tunnel, door panels, trunk, complete interior, complete underside, etc.; or, if you prefer to DIY, we can sell you the product without applying.

LizardSkin® Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control products offer:

• Quick spray-on application
• Protective moisture barrier
• Easily cleanable, seamless surface
• Application to vehicle interior or exterior
• Dense, durable coating
• Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, Class A fire-rated solution

Featured on the Speed Channel, PowerNation TV, Spike TV, and Fox Sports, LizardSkin® is perfect for:

• Hot rods & Customs
• Muscle car restorations
• Kit cars
• Off-road vehicles
• Street rods & Race vehicles
• Recreational vehicles

Protect your masterpiece from heat and noise – contact us today.


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