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’69 Back to Factory Line: Road Runner Resto

A treat for the MOPAR fans: we recently finished out a full restoration on this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. Named Motor Trend “Car of the Year” for that year, she came off the factory line, shipped straight to Dallas and sold in a Dallas dealership. The car cruised the city all its life when its second local owner (who still has the bolt-on dealer plaque) decided it was time to make her shine again.

After stripping it down to bare steel, we added a little metal and body work TLC, then took everything completely back to stock including the iconic (and recently resurrected!) B5 Blue Fire Metallic paint, white interior, rebuilt 383 engine and tranny; sans A/C or power steering for a truly original feel. Now many more days of running the Dallas roads lie ahead for this mean machine.

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