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Postwar Mopar Revival: 1947 Dodge

Marketed as the “smoothest car afloat,” the 1947 Dodge D24 Custom boasted power, speed, low maintenance and a spacious interior. With those features in mind, we set out to transform this fatigued stone beige sedan into a sleek black powerhouse and get her back in the game. Highlights of this model include an interestingly modern push-button start, a smooth, reliable flathead 6 engine, and Chrysler’s innovative Fluid Drive transmission, embellished with suicide doors and a dramatic butterfly hood. All rebuilt components and a new two-stage coat were just what was needed to put the spirit back in this car.

With the high demand following WWII, the popular D24 cost about $1500 new in 1947. While you may never find that on a sticker again, driving a vehicle like this makes a classic style statement today that’s definitely priceless.

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