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Here We Grow Again…

It’s only been a couple of years since we outgrew our last shop, and we are pleased to announce the acquisition of 4,200 sq. ft. of neighboring space, giving us some room to stretch out and better organize the place. Starting with the relocation of our office into the new area, we will follow with departmentalizing the shop to separate blasting and bodywork from sheet metal, mechanical and finish-out.

Our goal is to optimize workflow and provide better service to our customers. Having two divisions will create better efficiency in terms of moving things around, but it will also allow us to operate at full speed without worry of bodywork fallout interfering with clean processes like fabrication. Time is money – so saving one saves the other!

NTC is also now able to offer regular maintenance such as oil changes and check-ups, with an air-conditioned waiting area for customers to escape the Texas heat and shop noise. We welcome you to stop by and check out the changes; sign up for our new services or help fill in the new space with your project!

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