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LIVE: Candy Apple Red Chevelle

Wanna take a break from work today? Love to watch something come together? Interested in technical details?

We are excited to show our family of fans a behind-the-scenes look at laying down a complete candy paint job on a 1969 Chevelle, live on our Facebook page today! Don’t worry if you’ll be busy behind the desk because we’re going to update throughout the day with pictures and video as we go. So stay tuned for the latest postings and chatter!

*UPDATE: Final pics and videos available here!*

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  1. Thanks Tony, appreciate the kind words! Both colors are from House of Kolor; the gold is Solar Gold Shimrin BC01 and the red is Apple Red Kandy KBC11. It’s hard to say what you could expect to pay as each car has a unique set of needs as well as the owner’s desired level of finish. Also shop and material rates can vary greatly in different areas. However, we can say that a candy paint job does require more time than a regular base/clear paint job, as there are more steps involved. Also your material cost will be higher since candy colors are pretty expensive. Using the KBC candy rather than the UK (urethane enamel) version will make the process a little easier, although the truest candy effect can be obtained with the UK. Best of luck on your Chevelle, we’d love to see pics when it’s done!

  2. I have to say i LOVE is color,If i lived there i would have you guys paint it BUT i live in Florida,Would you please give me the item # for the solar gold and the item # for the candy apple doing my 69 chevelle with the blocking ect now and paint after,what did you charge for that paint job??so i know what to spend,thanks alot,YOU GUYS DO A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! thanks,Tony

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